From Our Founder

Tradition. Style. Love.

Tessa James is a thoughtfully designed clothing collection for girls based on a simple concept: classic pieces that endure the test of time.

Our brand is elegant yet joyful, embracing the charm and sweetness of childhood. We want girls to shine with their personalities and express themselves through what they wear.

Tessa James is inspired by my experience as a little girl growing up in Boston. My mother believed in style that was effortless, dressing me in easy outfits that were timeless and well-made. She radiated a soulful beauty rooted in strong values and tradition, to be passed down from one generation to the next.

As my own daughter was growing up, I was delighted to have her discover my cherished and well-worn clothing that my mother had tucked away. Tessa James captures that spirit.

It’s about finding and sharing beauty through community, and taking a meaningful approach to making clothes and creating memories.

Tessa James celebrates the ties between mothers and daughters and the stories that are told through Tradition, Style, and Love.

We would love to become a part of your family story.


Allegra Richdale


**Tessa James favors small batch production and is committed to sourcing exquisite fabrics, so that each item of clothing feels uniquely special. Our collection is designed in Los Angeles and we have a personal connection with our European manufacturers to ensure exceptional quality, because quality is not disposable.